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Cell Division 1: Mitosis and the Cell Cycle CD-ROM product shot
Cell Division 1 CD-ROM

Grade level: 9 - College
ISBN: 0-9759464-2-0
System Requirements:
Single Copy: $89
Lab Pack of 5: $189
Classroom Pack: $229
(5 CDs + Instructor's DVD)

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Cell Division 1 CD-ROM


  • Over 30 minutes of narrated animation and video microscopy.
  • Compare and contrast plant, animal and bacteria cell division.
  • In-depth tutorial on the eukaryotic cell cycle and its malfunction (cancer).
  • Student self-assessment questions and exercises for each section.
  • Recommended for the lab, library or home study.

Product Description:

Use the power of 3-D animation to excite your students about cell division! They will learn the phases of mitosis in animal and plant cells, and the difference between mitosis and cytokinesis.

Students can compare and contrast the phases of mitosis in side-by-side plant and animal cell micrographs. Video microscopy makes mitosis come alive in an amphibian lung cell and a zebrafish embryo.

The eukaryotic cell cycle is presented in detail in 6 fully narrated animations. Topics covered include: DNA replication and structure, cell cycle variations, molecular control of a cell's progress through the cell cycle, and a discussion of cancer.

Students will explore the anatomy of plant, animal, and bacteria cells with interactive diagrams and definitions. Prokaryotic cell division is compared to eukaryotic division. Each section of the program has thought-provoking review questions and exercises for student self-assessment.

Screen Shots:

embryonic cell division 8 cell fish embryo screenshot

compare animal and plant mitosis screenshot

phases of mitosis quiz screenshot

plant cell division onion root tip tissue screenshot


embryonic zebrafish dividing by mitosis cell division screenshot

compare and contrast plant and animal cell centrosomes and microtubule organizing centers screenshot

mitosis phases interactive review question screenshot

plant cell mitosis phases review screenshot